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My Evolution Into the Sewing Ninja

What happens when you take a shy, forty something, seamstress who is also a wife and mother of 3 and turn her world upside down by teaching her karate for 7+ years? She evolves into the sewing ninja, that's what! 

Through karate, with her newly found confidence, she decides that she can do anything that she puts her mind to. She decides to move out of her comfort zone and start doing the things that she has always dreamed of doing. She designs her own line of valances, then she decides that though she doesn't even know how to cut and paste using the computer, she is going to sell her line of Hidden Rod Pocket valances to the world though a shop of her own on Etsy. She decides that instead of just taking karate classes, she wants to teach and give back to other karate students so that they too will have the confidence to follow their dreams. 

Then she decides to write a blog to show others how two seemingly different paths in life: karate and sewing, can become entwined together to evolve into one spectacular journey!

Feel free to contact me at doshiescustom at gmail dot com.  If you have any custom home decor needs, feel free to visit my Etsy shop and convo me there.  I would love to give your home the black belt treatment!

~ The Sewing Ninja ~